Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Bambi update and an apology

For those of you who remember, Bambi is the brindle dog we took in as a foster back in August. For those of you who are new to the blog, here is a picture of the little cutie:

Well, Bambi found a home. She found an amazingly awesome family in fact who shows her love everyday and she even has a furry brother and sister to play with. Who is this great family? It's us. We tried to be good foster parents, working with her diligently on her behavior issues and advertising that she was available for adoption on local rescue websites and at adoption events. But then we failed. Bad. Bambi was making great progress with her training and the foster director asked us to bring her to one of their fundraiser events where potential adopters could marvel at her newly learned tricks and personality. Like good foster parents we complied and dropped her off with her little 'pick me' bandana on and filled out the form on how she was progressing so any interested families would know what to expect if they took her home. We didn't even get out of the parking lot before running back to permanently claim her when we saw a couple pausing at her kennel. We're pathetic, I know. I can't even describe the look of sheer panic that came over my hubby's face when he realized she might not be there when we came back to pick her up! I had really bonded with her while trying to make her feel comfortable in our home, but I had tried to hide that fact from the Mr. not knowing that he was having the same feelings. We just recently lost our pet rabbit and we were both absolute wrecks after that so you could say it was our vulnerable emotional state that helped contribute to our decision. But any way you look at it we now officially have three dogs under one roof and at times it's crazy, but I am always thrilled when I come home from work to see three adorable furbabies wagging their tails waiting to greet me :) We did change her name which she is learning to respond to surprisingly quick. Her new name is Tora which means tiger in Japanese since that's what she looks like. We didn't like Bambi. I mean really who has the name Bambi besides woodland creatures or callgirls?

I also wanted to use this post to apologize for not having pictures posted yet of my newly revamped laundry room. I had talked about it a while ago but between going on vacation and experiencing issues with Rustoleum's cabinet transformations product (which I will chronicle in a separate post) finishing the room took a little longer than expected. I promise I will have a full reveal up tomorrow. Hold me to that! And if you're not satisfied with my formal apology, how about another puppy pic to calm you down?

Oh hai, mom. I'm not trying to crawl over the seat to sit in your lap. I promise.


  1. Omygoodness!! Congrats on deciding to keep her! Haha, I can just see you running through the parking lot yelling 'waaaaiiiitttt!!! we've changed our mindds!!!!!!!' hahaha
    What a gorgeous little thing she is :)

  2. Haha, I did the SAME thing with my baby Titan. I saved him from being put to sleep at a high kill shelter (he was only 1 month old), then found out he had parvo, I was devastated, but I had to make the decision right then and there whether I was going to keep him, and of course I did. I call him the 1000$ "free" dog after all the vet bills lol, I couldn't have been happier with my decision. My yellow lab Belle loves having a brother to play with :)

  3. Awwww! Congrats! She's a cutie. We got close to being foster fails on an occasion or two. Our last adoption was actually my best friend's foster that she was thinking about keeping but then we took her. They are so worth it :)

  4. Coley-That's actually an almost spot-on description haha

    Lisa-Titan IS an expensive little puppy! We had a similar experience with our first adopted dog Callie. She didn't cost us quite that much, but we took her in knowing she had health problems that required immediate care and money. They are definitely worth it though, aren't they? :)

    Anna-If I had friends like you to adopt my fosters I wouldn't find myself in these predicaments! lol