Monday, April 25, 2011

Here we go again...

I feel like a born-again virgin to blogging being that I haven't done so since my wedding planning days. Back then I blogged about my ceremony ideas, my reception decor, my dress, and even the mundane little details nobody cares about but you feel obligated to share with people anyway. I suppose that's typical bride behavior though; that mentality of "all my ideas rock and the world is so fortunate to hear them." This blog will hopefully have a little more substance to it as it's about the multi-faceted me. I believe having a blog to keep up with will motivate me to live an even more interesting life since I'm not going to start one of these just to bore everyone who happens to stumble upon my little page. Soooo check back often, feel free to comment, and enjoy my ramblings. Oh and if you happen to need ideas for your upcoming nuptials, you can hop on over to my wedding blogs. Because let's face ideas rock ;)

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