Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm *really* excited about me and the hubby's first house so I had to share a picture. I'm completely in love with our home. We bought into a wonderful neighborhood and the place has plenty of space to grow into and is just extremely well taken care of. It does have room for improvement though as the lady who lived here before apparently had a love of wallpaper but a fear of any sort of color. I can see past the hospital white walls though and I know a few simple coats of paint will really liven things up. I guess the plus side of having no previous color is that we don't have to worry about priming! I can't wait to start decorating and take it from the blank slate it is now and turn it into our dream home. I'll start posting before & after pics of the interior soon once I get rooms closer to completion. I figure that'll motivate me to hurry and finish up these projects on my to-do list so I can quickly reveal them here!


  1. I love a good front porch. They make me so happy!

  2. Me too! The steep driveway not so much lol Good thing there is a 2-car garage!