Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adoption bandanas

I recently took the dogs to the groomer for baths and a nail trim. When I picked them up they all had on bandanas with the business's logo printed on them. It dawned on me that this would be a great way to advertise that my foster dogs are up for adoption! I don't know why I didn't think of this before. Myles is certainly seen enough out in public between trips to PetSmart, dog park visits, and walks through our neighborhood, but unless I get into a conversation with someone people have no way of knowing he's looking for a forever home. I want people to know that if he's so cute you want to take him home...guess what? You can! I also wanted to do something that would help him stand out at adoption events, so I started searching the web for inexpensive doggie bandanas. I discovered thedogperk.com and they had a great variety of fun bandanas. The best part is that they offer them at cost for people who work with rescues, so I got mine for $1.19 a piece. I ordered a couple different ones so I can use some now and have a few more to use with future fosters. Aren't they cute?

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  1. Bandanas are great for foster dogs! Thanks for rescuing and fostering. We have a house full of rescues too ;)

    Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm following you right back.

    Hope Myles finds his forever home soon!