Saturday, August 6, 2011

The problem with Big Lots...

Don't get me wrong...I love me some Big Lots, but shopping there can sometimes leave me frustrated. Big Lots and other stores like it offer great deals but the issue I have run across a few times is that I will find an item I want more than one of and they won't have the amount I need. Don't you just hate that? This has happened recently with a lamp and some pillows. I found a nice blue table lamp that I wanted two of so I could have one for each of the nightstands in our master bedroom and there was only one in the showroom with of course no option to order another as Big Lots isn't that kind of store. On a separate excursion I found two down-filled silk throw pillows to put on our couch in the perfect shade of green to match our living room paint color but couldn't find the other matching pair to put on the loveseat. I actually wanted the pillows bad enough to justify calling about ten other Big Lots stores nearby with the item number to see if they had it! Sadly none of them did since they all receive different merchandise :( I must say after calling I felt a little silly for putting that much effort into finding throw pillows, but my hubby insisted on buying a specific shade of green paint before we had picked out any accessories for the room so finding items to match that paint has proven difficult. Do you know how many shades of green there are?! lol Here's a picture of said pillow:
It's a horrible pic I know, but I promise it's much prettier in person so you will all just have to take my word for it! I guess my idea now is to still use these for the couch and then continue my search for some other pillows that are close enough in color and style to put on the loveseat. Hopefully I find what I'm looking for...and in the right quanitity!

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