Monday, September 12, 2011

The power of spray paint

Spray paint is awesome. For three bucks you can completely change the look of something in the easiest way possible. Like, for instance, brass bathroom fixtures. The house we bought came complete with a plethora of brass fixtures all throughout the house but the worst examples were in the bathroom where there were two-tone fixtures featuring both brass and chrome on the same piece. Se-xy. So rather than rush to the nearest home improvement store and spend a ton of moolah to replace everything, I decided to purchase some spray primer and brushed nickel spray paint and go to town. It only took a couple coats and a little drying time and voila! I have all "new" fixtures :) I was so excited to get rid of the ugliness that I forgot to take a before pic, but here is a picture of the work in progress. The light fixture on the right is primed and ready to go while you can see the brushed nickel color on the left pieces.

A close-up of what the brushed nickel looks like. Love it!

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