Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pretty pumpkins

The first day of the fall season is coming up in six days, and that makes me think pumpkins! The hubs and I carve pumpkins every fall. It's a tradition that we have. We usually carve faces or some kind of scary Halloween-themed picture, but this year I'm thinking of doing something a little more classy. I've been pinning away on Pinterest looking for pictures of pretty pumpkins to find some inspiration and I'm loving the look of the drill bit pumpkins!

I also love the idea of carving our house numbers into pumpkins for a pretty display beside our door.

I adore the whole arrangement on these stairs!

I've always had an obsession with monograms. This could be really neat to do!

Anyone else still carve pumpkins or is it just me? haha

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  1. I pinned some of these too! My husband and I carved pumpkins last year too :)