Sunday, May 15, 2011

My first fondant cake

I genuinely enjoy baking but I've never spent as much time trying to make my goodies look good as I have making them taste good. I was recently asked by a friend to make a birthday cake for her husband, however, and so I decided to try my hand at decorating with fondant. Go big or go home, right? I quickly discovered that working with fondant is a process. At least in my experience it was. I bought the ready-made variety from Michael's and while it wasn't hard to roll out, getting it over the cake and smoothed definitely took some time! For it being my first creation though I'm happy with the results. Please excuse my craptastic photo below since it's the only one I have. Cheap camera and bad lighting=not so post-worthy pic, but I wanted to share my little triumph regardless of quality anyway :) If any readers out there happen to have experience working with fondant and have tips please comment them below! I've been asked to do a wedding cake by a co-worker so I'd love to work on honing my skills.

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