Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You know you're a homeowner when...

  • You keep a measuring tape in your purse at all times (even the small clutch) just in case. Hey, you never know when you might run across some furniture you love and need to know if it will fit in your space!
  • You and the cashiers at your local home improvement store are on a first-name basis, and you rarely go two days without seeing them.
  • You forgo a new pair of shoes and opt instead to buy a ceiling fan.
  • Your recent hobbies including spending hours online watching home improvement how-to videos and googling design ideas of which you have at least 40 favorites pages saved.
  • You have no pictures of loved ones in your wallet, but you do have paint swatches and photos of your house which you proudly display to anyone willing to look just like a parent would show off their children's school pictures.
Anyone else have anything to add?

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